Oludeniz is a stunning bay, with a laid-back atmosphere, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. It's lagoon, is a protected area, has understandably adorned a million picture postcards. Oludeniz's main beach is bordered by an attractive promenade lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants making it ideal for a classic beach holiday. However the surrounding area has much more to offer an adventurous visitor. Paragliding from the heights of Babadag Mountain , trekking along the Lycian Way, a boat trip to the Butterfly Valley, visiting some of the sites such as Xanthos, Tlos and Letoon are among the many possibilities.

Hisaronu and Ovacik
Situated on a high plateau and surrounded by stunning mountains, the once sleepy villages of Hisaronu and Ovacik have combined to create a lively resort which has a distinctly British atmosphere. The nearest beaches are the famous lagoon of Oludeniz or the pebble and sand beach of Belcekiz. A dolmus leaves every five or ten minutes. The village is full of bars, restaurants and shops. This is certainly the place to haggle for any imitation designer gear. The cool mountain air can be quite a relief after a day in the sun and there is plenty to do in the evening. Hisaronu is blessed with a rugged and beautiful landscape. Hisarönü has become a holiday resort in its own right. It is popular with British holidaymakers. A lively resort with bars, cafes and restaurants boasting Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian and of course Traditional Turkish cuisine. It really is a resort to suit all families and those looking for more adventurous time. The cool mountain air makes it accessible even in the hottest Summer. Hisaronu is special because its location means that you can paraglide in Oludeniz one day, canoe down the Xanthos river to Patara the next, paintball in the pine forests of Kaya Koyu and still take an overnight trip to the classical ruins of Ephesus.

Just above Oludeniz amongst the pines on the lower slopes of Babadag the village of Ovacik straddles the mountain road between Fethiye and Oludeniz. It`s convenient situation, clear air, quiet country trails and excellent accommodation make it an ideal base for enjoying all the diverse aspects of this captivating area. Ovacik is good alternative to Hisaronu village - if you are looking for a more private & relaxing holiday. Hisaronu was originally intended to provide accommodation for nearby Olu Deniz (where new building work is quite restricted). In response to its friendly atmosphere.

Daily 12 Islands Boat Cruise in Fethiye
Once you come to Fethiye, you have to go on 12 Islands Boat Cruise. The hundreds of double-Decker boats you see in Fethiye as you wonder around the marina and the harbour, are ready to take you to this tour. Each has a capacity from 50 up to 150 people and all of them has toilets and a self-service bar; and most of them are built in the dockyards in Fethiye. They depart between 10:00 - 11:00 every morning and come back to Fethiye harbour about 17:30 - 18:30 in the evening. The lunch is included in the tours which is usually pasta -meatballs (sometimes chicken or fish)- salad and fruit (water melon).

If you want to enjoy the sun, then your place is upstairs; but be careful because, the sun burns you a bit too much and you don't feel it since it will be quite windy on the sea. You'll feel it at night after the shower, which usually ends up with the creams and lotions the doctor gives. But if you want to enjoy the tour in the shade and watch around, you'd better stay downstairs drinking your tea, coffee, or a cold drink (maybe playing backgammon with the crew). We suggest you to look around carefully in this tour. Because you have the chance to see the dolphins, flying fish, and even the sea turtles!

Kaya Köy ( Ghost Town)
Beyond the Fethiye fortress going south, if you follow the road climbing up to the slope some 7 km. you can come to a magnificent lowland where Anatolian Greeks had lived until 1922. Greeks called the town Levissi in the past. Kaya Köy in the year 1922 during the exchange of Turks in Thrace with Anatolian Greeks was evacuated and the new residents did not take up the existing houses. Kaya become a “Ghost Town” as an abandoned town after 1923.

Two churches, chapels, numerous houses, schools, library, hospital, work—shops and the other structures will be renovated soon according to a project which is made by The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and The Chamber Of Turkish Architects. After the renovation, Kaya Koyu will serve as the place of “ Piece & Friendship Village” and be protected forever.

Saklikent, is a huge valley and a canyon which goes inside 14 km. It is unbelievably high and narrow between two mountains. You'll have to walk through an ice cold waters to get to the other side of the river, if you want to see the beauties inside the canyon. You can also drink this ice cold water if you want to, because it is a very cold natural spring which comes out just where you walk through! It is so cold that you feel like you are loosing your feet inside the river, even in Summer time. This place was found about 15 years ago by a goat shepherd and now,, he runs the cafe-restaurant in Saklikent. On the way back to Fethiye, you can have a small break to taste the home made pancakes of the local villagers with the Ayran (a mixture of yoghurt, cold water and salt), and experience the Turkish village life. When you are leaving, do not forget to leave some tip for the children helping you to be in comfort in their houses, because they really show the best hospitality you may ever see.

You can spend another day in Dalyan, which is about 1 hour from Fethiye. It is near the pretty Dalyan River (the ancient Calbis River), which connects the Koycegiz lake to the sea. Most of the people don't know the name of Dalyan, even if they come to Fethiye for their Holiday. But Dalyan has a very pretty atmosphere with its ancient and natural beauties. As soon as you reach Dalyan, don't waste time and bargain with one of the local fisherboat captains to take you to places to see. First stop is the mud-bath which is said to be very healthful for your skin because of the minerals and the elements it contains like Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphure. It will take only 10 minutes from Dalyan by the boat which will take you there among the marvellous landscape of the ancient Calbis river. After that, you can go back to town center and have a good lunch including the famous fish which was caught in Dalyan river. After lunch, you take your boat to take you to the Iztuzu Beach (The Turtle Beach) after a 30 minutes boat trip among the plants, birds (and maybe the turtles!) of the famous Dalyan river. I am sure you will be impressed after your trip on this river. This beach is one of the rare beaches on the world where the Marine Turtles come and nest. Because of that, the beaches is seriously protected by the Turkish Association of Protection of the Natural Life. As you reach the beach, please obey the rules to use the beach which are written on big plaques on the beach, to protect the Sea Turtles and to let them live. The one side of this beach is the river (fresh water), and the other side is the Sea (salty water). So you can decide where to swim as you entered the beach. I can suggest you a long walk on the sands on the Iztuzu beach, to forget all your troubles and relax. After (or before) the beach, you can also visit the ancient city of Caunos on the way back to Dalyan town center. The place to see on this hill (10 mins walk) are, the Ancient Theatre, the Roman Bath, the Temple of Apollon, and the Acropolis up the hill. Also the Carian Rock Tombs which welcomes you as you enter the town, are really amazing.

The 11th Century monk who discovered this remote and beautiful spot recognised that it was a perfect place to worship god and had the vision and determination to build in a remarkable spot. God knows how he accomplished the dangerous, seemingly impossible task! The views are breathatking, as is the sheer height.

We were concerned that this stunning monument is totally unprotected and open to all. It is very refreshing in some ways to have the freedom to visit such a site without restrictions but it would be a shame to see it spoiled. It was well worth spending some time wandering around taking in the views and the different aspects of the monastery and it really captures the imagination to visualise a lone monk with his primitive building tools constructing his tribute to his god.

It is also a fascinating dive site! First you will go down to 24m very slowly to enjoy the beautiful view then find the entrance of the shrimp's hole!!! This quite big cavern is home to red type small shrimp. After spending about 10 min. time we will ascend to 12m. then 4m. And make 200m. To find the great gate of a cave which 10 divers may get into easily at the same time. The cave is so big that you need to kick your fins for about 50m. Then you will be able to find the end of the cave. Now all you need to do is turn back and see the sunlight running into the cave! And after enjoying the view you may surface and with your torch check all the calcium status made by mother nature…

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